use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Learn How To Repair A Chipped Piece Of Glass In A Picture Window

James Riley

If the glass in your picture window is chipped, replacing the pane is not necessary. Learn the steps needed to fill in the damaged area and restore the glass to its original condition.

Use The Following Materials

  • glass repair kit
  • lint free cloth
  • glass cleaner
  • tweezers
  • plastic putty knife
  • magnifying glass
  • masking tape

Clean The Window 

Clean the window with glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. Be careful as you press down onto the chipped area so that the damage does not become worse. Hold a magnifying glass over the chipped section to locate small shards of glass. If any are present, pull them out with a pair of tweezers. 

Set Up The Tools

In your glass repair kit, there will be several parts that need to be assembled. Locate the piece that has suction cups on the end of it. On the other end, there will be a circular cutout. Line up the circle directly over the damaged area. Moisten the suction cups and press them down onto the glass. Inspect the piece of glass from the other side to make sure that the circular portion is in the proper spot.

Attach the long cylinder that has two open ends to the piece that is already attached to the glass. Threading will be on each end of the cylinder. Line up the threading on one end with the threading that is inside of the circle. Turn the cylinder clockwise until it is secure.

Apply The Epoxy Resin

Cut the tip off of the tube of epoxy resin. Squeeze 3 or 4 drops of the resin into the open end of the cylinder. Attach the remaining piece in your kit by lining up the threading on it with the threading on the end of the cylinder and turning it clockwise until it is secure. After doing so, pressure will be applied to the epoxy resin. Leave the tools in place while the resin bonds with the glass. Once a few minutes have passed, carefully remove the repair kit tools from the glass.

Smooth Out The Resin

Apply the piece of film that came in your kit over the repaired area. Use a couple pieces of masking tape to hold the film in place. Slide a plastic putty knife over the film to smooth out the resin that is underneath it. Inspect the glass from the other side to determine when the resin is dry. Once the color of the resin fades and you can see through the glass, remove the film. Your window will look as good as it did before the damage occurred. Continue to take good care of the glass and it will last for many years. Contact Ryan's All-Glass for more information or assistance.


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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