use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

The Most Common Auto Glass Breaks: They Can Be Fixed!

James Riley

Auto glass damage comes in all forms, from the tiny ding in the glass to the giant crack that covers half the windshield. While auto glass damage can vary considerably, it all has one thing in common: It can be fixed. While there are occasionally situations where the only fix is a full glass replacement, there are still many times that your auto glass repair provider can perform a repair instead. Some of the most common of these are detailed below.

Bulls–Eye Cracks

The bulls-eye crack is so named because it looks like the bulls-eye on a dart board. The initial point of impact is made when a round object, such as a pebble, strikes the glass. A series of cocentric circles then radiate out from it. If you get to an auto glass repair facility quickly, a bulls-eye crack can be fixed. Waiting too long to fix the crack will allow dirt and oil to collect in the break, and it might encourage the crack to continue spreading. This makes it harder to repair.

A bulls-eye crack is repaired by injecting a clear repair resin into the area where the initial impact happened, known as the "cone" area. The cone area will be completely filled with the resin, so that the resin effectively replaces the missing glass. This stops spreading, and it stops further windshield breaks by preventing stress on the glass.

The Star Cracks

Star cracks, like bulls-eye cracks, get their name from their shape. Star cracks typically look like a four-pointed star, with a central point of impact. This type of crack can spread quite rapidly, so time is of the essence if you want to repair the crack rather than face a windshield replacement down the road.

The repair process for a star break begins with a clear resin injection into the center of the star. After that, the windshield repair person will often drill very fine holes into the end of each star point, and fill these fine holes with the same resin injection. This stops any further spreading and prevents windshield stress.

Cracks and Pits

Cracks and pits are the simplest type of windshield damage. Cracks are single small pieces of missing glass that have no radial lines extending from them. Pits are the same type of thing, on a smaller scale. Both of these types of glass damage are often ignored since they are not as likely to spread.

However, it is important to be aware that any missing glass, even a small crack or pit, does place stress on the windshield as a whole. It is wise to get the cracks or pits filled with resin. Your auto glass repair provider will be able to perform this repair quickly and easily, and you won't have any worries about safety.

If you have any of the auto glass damage described above, it is time to visit the auto glass repair facility as soon as you can. It often takes only minutes to get the repair done, and you'll have peace of mind in terms of auto safety! To find out more, contact a business like M S Glass Outlet.


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