use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

How To Increase The Privacy Of Your Home's Windows

James Riley

Do you want to be able to keep your windows open and let bright, warm sunlight in without having to worry about your privacy? Many people find that they keep their blinds down or their windows drawn throughout the day because they don't want strangers potentially peering into their home. There are many improvements that you can make to your windows through a window installation service that can make it easier for you to enjoy your windows without privacy issues.

Get Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass windows are a very elegant solution to the privacy problem. They obscure the light, but they do not block it; no one can see in even if they are very close to your windows, but you can still enjoy the natural lighting. That being said, frosted glass does have one problem: it can be more difficult to clean because of its texture. Another downside is that you can't see through it yourself. 

Use Glass "Stickers" or Decals

Sticker and decal patterns can be used to apply a frosted glass pattern to a window. These patterns, such as lace patterns, will block off the view of anyone who is standing decently far away. If someone is closer to the window, however, they will be able to see through it. The upside is that you will be able to see through it you want to, as well. Stickers or decals can also be removed if you want and changed as desired.

Tint Your Windows

Window tinting comes in a variety of opacity selections, from those that block out all light to those that only block out a little light. Tint can also be slightly mirrored, so that light is reflected off of it from outside. A tinted window can be seen through from up close but not far away -- the catch is that it will affect the amount of light that the window lets in. 

Get Textured Glass

Textured glass is often used in bathrooms, but there's nothing saying that it cannot be used for other areas of the home. Unlike frosted glass, textured glass has a more dramatic, dappled appearance. The downside is that, like frosted glass, you won't be able to look through the window if you choose. The upside is that you will get bright, warm light and a very modern style. Textured glass also tends to be easier to clean than frosted glass because the texture is usually smooth.

Contact your local window installation service for more options. There are new window coatings and window films developed all the time that can help improve both the appearance and usability of your home's windows. 

For more information, contact Five Star Windows Inc. or a similar company.


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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