use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Why Insulated Glass Windows Can Fail

James Riley

Insulated glass windows and doors endure a lot of abuse. The seals must withstand daily use. Although the seals are flexible enough to allow the panels to contract and expand, they can weaken over time. Here is a list of reasons why your window seals may fail.     


During the cold, the seals will become brittle. They can break or chip during the winter months. Once the weather changes and summer comes around, the seals can become soft or even ooze from the summer temperatures. The windows will need to withstand wind, rain, hail, sunlight, age, pressure changes in the atmosphere, and so much more. Even though there are many forces that the seal and the window it must endure, dual pane windows are typically the most durable.


The leading causes of issues regarding these types of windows include exposure to water, excessive heat, and old age. If the seal is exposed to water it is because the seal did not receive the proper safeguards that it needed. It will allow water to pool around the seal and in turn the water will begin to eat away at the seal, as well as the wood of the windowsill.

Heat and Cold

Excess heat will cause the seal to become soft. When the seal is soft it is more predisposed to being torn or pushed out of place. When this happens the window seal is more susceptible to leaking air and air. This means that water will get in, air will escape, and the seal is not offered the protection it was meant to.

When the weather is bitter cold the seal will be subjected to cracks. Once the seal is cracked it will allow cold air to enter the home. In turn, your energy bill will increase due to heating the home. If the seal cracks during the winter months, the summer months will off more damage to the seal when it becomes heated and softer.

In order to keep the seal intact, offer a coating of seal protector during the winter months and do not use the windows as much during the hot months. If your seals are already damaged, call a professional (such as one from Healy Anytime Glass Co) to replace the seals. You will need to clean the seals to ensure there is not any debris that would offer tears in the seals while they are soft. Do not use an abrasive cleaner. Use a cleaner that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry out the seals and the seals will not perform properly. 


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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