use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

A Closer Look At Replacing Glass In Antique Wooden Cabinets

James Riley

If you are like some homeowners, the idea of eliminating the existing features in your antiquated home and replacing them with more modern designs is simply out of the question. It is way too difficult to achieve the same design with modern fixtures in an older home that is filled with traditional design aspects and architectural features. This is especially true when it comes to custom wooden cabinetry that may be one of the most crucial design elements in the house. However, many traditional wooden cabinets of the past are fitted with glass panes that can become damaged and brittle with age, which means that they will have to be replaced.

Removing the Outdated Glass Panels from Your Antique Wooden Cabinetry

If you decide to take on the task of installing new glass panels in your antique wooden cabinets, the first major feat will be removing the old glass panels. Even though you may have small wooden frames around the panels to hold them steady, most furniture makers used adhesives to keep the glass panels firmly in place. This adhesive may not look so sturdy at first glance, but can be difficult to remove because with age, it hardens and may have to be lightly chiseled away before you can get the glass out. Beyond this, make sure you wear gloves while removing the glass itself, as sharp and broken edges will likely be a big part of the job.

Preparing Your Wooden Cabinets for New Glass Panels

Once you have the old panels removed, you cannot just grab the new glass pieces and get to work. Preparing the wooden slats for the new panels can take some time and effort. Old glass was not always uniform in width throughout. Therefore, furniture makers and window tradesman would often adjust the wood as the worked, using chisels and other carving tools, to create a tight fit. Because modern glass is machine produced and even, this can mean that the panels will not fit well into the grooves designed to hold the glass. You may have to have a craftsman take a look and install new frames for the panels that are better suited to the modern glass.

Because it is possible to replace the glass panels in antique cabinetry, you can keep the older designs by just making a few updates. However, a lot of homeowners find that glass installation in antique furniture can be difficult. Therefore, make sure you talk to a professional contractor such as Custom Glass Mirror Image LLC for advice.  


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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