use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Three Ways To Keep A Windshield Chip From Growing Into A Crack

James Riley

When you notice that the windshield of your vehicle has been chipped with an errant rock flung from another vehicle's tires, it doesn't necessarily mean that you'll need to get the glass replaced. Many certified auto glass shops like Becky's Glass Works and others can repair small chips by filling them, provided they don't grow in size to the point that a total glass replacement is needed. Keeping the chip in your windshield small requires a little more than driving around with your fingers crossed. Of course, the best way to prevent it from growing until you visit the auto glass shop is to avoid driving. However, if you have to get behind the wheel, here are three ways to increase your likelihood of keeping the chip small.

Park In Covered Areas

Wherever possible, plan to park your vehicle in a covered area that will offer protection from various weather-related issues. Parking in your garage or car-park at home and in parking garages when you're elsewhere prevents your vehicle from being struck by hail. While uncommon, hailstorms can be detrimental to windshield glass by causing a sharp vibration that results in your ship growing into a crack. Additionally, keeping your vehicle covered can keep it out of extreme heat and extreme cold, which is ideal because rapid changes in temperature are a common factor in the growth of windshield chips.

Drive On Smooth Roads

If you're familiar with the roads around your city, make a point of driving only on the roads that offer the smoothest driving experience. Gravel roads, roads with uneven surfaces and roads fraught with potholes are detrimental because they can cause vibrations that affect your windshield chip. Gravel roads are especially precarious because another vehicle's tires can fire another rock at your windshield and complicate your current issue. If you find yourself on roads that don't have optimal conditions, do your best to travel at a slow speed to avoid excess vibrations and seek another route as soon as you can.

Be Gentle

Given that vibrations are the enemy of a windshield chip, strive to avoid creating unnecessary vibrations when you're stopped. This means shutting your vehicle doors extremely gently and politely reminding your passengers to take the same approach. Keep this anti-vibration strategy in mind when you need to use the trunk of your vehicle or you have to check something under your hood. By softly closing your doors, trunk and hood, you'll drastically decrease the chance of a vibration that results in you having to replace, rather than repair, the windshield.


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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