use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Don't Have Time For That Windshield Replacement? Three Products That Can Help Until You Can Get To The Shop

James Riley

If your windshield is in need of repair and/or replacement, but you cannot get the car into the auto glass shop for another week or two, there are some products that can help. Keep in mind that these are just temporary solutions to your problem, so you should not rely on them indefinitely. Follow the instructions carefully and then be sure to tell your auto glass technician that you have used these products so that he or she does not get any unexpected surprises when removing or repairing the old windshield.

Suction Cups

Well, at least this temporary windshield repair kit looks and acts just like suction cups. The suction cups should be clear, not colored, so you can still see through the windshield. Cut them to fit the origins of the cracks or chipped areas, placing the centermost part of the suction cup directly over the chip or centerpoint of the crack. Be sure to gently wash/clean the area where the suction cup will go, and leave the area wet so that the suction cup firmly sticks to the windshield. VERY lightly and gently push the suction cup onto the area where you intended to place it. DO NOT reposition it because it could take the glass with it! Repeat the process if you have more than one chip or crack in the windshield.

Clear Epoxy Glass Fillers

This product is frequently used to patch your home's windows, but there is a version you can buy and use on the tempered glass of windshields. As with the suction cups, be sure to gently and thoroughly clean the areas where you intend to apply this product. Gently wipe the areas dry (unless you bought a water-assisted, epoxy glass filler--then leave the windshield wet). Squirt the clear epoxy glass filler onto the windshield and use the rubberized side of a squeegee to push the epoxy filler from side to side, scraping gently to create a light, thin layer. Some of these glass epoxy fillers are so good your windshield ends up looking like it does not need repair (hence, telling your technician that you used the product and that the windshield still needs to be replaced).

Temporary Windshield

If you cannot afford a complete windshield replacement right now, and you do not want to take chances with the other two temporary fixes, you can opt for a temporary windshield instead. With this option, your broken or damaged windshield is removed and a lightweight, thin plexi-glass option is taped up in its place. This temporary option works well until a violent storm involving high winds and/or hail dents it, so be sure to get a real replacement as soon as you can.

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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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