use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Understanding The Many Benefits Of Hurricane Glass

James Riley

When you live in an area that faces any risk of hurricanes, you need to be sure that your home is protected. One of the best investments you can make is to replace all of the window glass in the house with hurricane glass. Here are a few of the many benefits you'll get from hurricane glass investment.

It May Help Keep Things Quieter

Especially if you live in an area with beachfront access, the noise from all of the activity can be bothersome. Because of the durability of hurricane glass, it can also serve as a insulator that blocks much of the sound from outside. This can help you to make your home more peaceful and calm, even on the busiest tourism days.

It Can Soften The Ultraviolet Rays

The ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause fading and discoloration on your furniture, carpeting, and other household materials. When you install hurricane windows, they are typically covered with a tinted protective film that blocks the majority of the ultraviolet rays from passing through. This protects your furnishings from the fading and weathering that occurs with prolonged sunlight exposure.

That protective film also limits the risk of sunburn, which may allow you to install larger, more panoramic windows in your home without concern about sun exposure. If you're worried about the risk of skin cancer and aging, this is a great option.

You May Save On Your Home Insurance

Especially when you live in an area that's known for hurricanes, your insurance premiums are typically going to be higher due to the risk factors involved. When you install hurricane glass in your windows, the added shatter protection and insulation can reduce your risk of loss. Many insurance companies offer a premium discount for this investment as a result. Make sure to ask your insurance agent about any possible discounts for this investment.

You Can Improve Your Home Security

The added strength and durability of hurricane windows can also provide an extra barrier against intrusion. The windows usually have a safety film between the glass panes to prevent the glass from shattering. It holds the shards of glass together in a solid barrier. This minimizes the chances of someone gaining access to your home through a shattered window.  

The coastal regions are often at greater risk of hurricane damage, and buying a home in those areas means being prepared for that risk. With the information here, you can better understand how the investment in hurricane glass can help you protect your home and even possibly save money. For more information, visit


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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