use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

Don't Let Dents Ruin Your Door

James Riley

Aluminum-framed glass doors give both business employees and customers a way to see what's literally coming up before them as they pass through the doorway. Those doors are also the first thing that customers see as they approach your business, so the doors function as sort of a business card for the building. If your door has been damaged and has a dent in it, you need to get the dent repaired quickly even if the door is still completely functional.

Poor Reflections

No, that doesn't refer to the reflection of the person walking up to the door. It refers to the reflection on your business' reputation. Damage happens, so you can't expect to never ever have to deal with a door that doesn't look that great. But you don't want to put up with it for long. If customers come by and see the damaged door time after time, that's going to make you look like you can't take care of your business. Get that door replaced or fixed as soon as you can.

Utility Costs

A dent in the frame of the door can widen the space between the door and the door frame, which would allow warm and cool air to cross into and out of the interior space. That's bad for interior climate control and can result in higher utility bills and wasted energy.

Security Weakness

Granted, if the door already has a giant pane of glass in it, a dent in the aluminum is likely less of a security worry because that glass can break easily unless it's specially made fire glass. (And even that can break.) But if the dent in the aluminum is near the lock, it could weaken the lock just enough to add to security woes. If you've noticed dents (not scratches, but actual dents) near the locks on the door, have them at least inspected so that you know whether they're compromising the lock.

Another issue is that a dent near the latch could make the door tougher to open, which is a problem if there is an emergency. If people need to exit quickly, they don't want to struggle with a door. Always ensure the door is easy enough for people to open when they need to get out fast.

A tiny dent that is only cosmetic is one thing. A larger dent that people can see from far away is quite another. Don't let a dent give people the wrong impression about your business. Contact a company, like Caplan Bros Inc, for help.


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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