use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

use glass to make small homes appear bigger

5 Cleaning Tips That Keep Your Glass Shower Door Shining

James Riley

Glass shower doors bring a number of benefits to your bathroom; they make your bathroom appear larger and showcase beautiful shower tile. It's also much easier to keep a glass shower door clean than it is to keep a shower curtain clean. Shower curtains collect water between their folds and are difficult to dry out, which rapidly leads to mold and mildew forming in the curtain. If you're wondering how to keep your shower door looking great, here's a guide to cleaning your shower glass.

1. Install a Protective Coating to Repel Water

The best way to keep your glass shower door clean is prevention. The most hassle-free way is to call a shower glass company and have your shower door treated with a protective coating. This coating repels water and soap scum, making it easier to keep your shower door clean. The coating will wear off over the years, so it needs to be periodically reapplied to maintain effectiveness.

2. Keep Your Shower Glass Dry to Stop Mildew

Every time you take a shower, finish by drying off the shower door with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. This prevents mildew from forming on the door and helps to remove any soap or minerals from hard water that collected on the glass. It only takes a minute or two after each shower and is very effective in reducing how often you need to clean your shower glass. You should also leave your glass shower door open and run your bathroom fan for at least half an hour after every shower—this keeps both the shower door and the inside of your shower dry, which reduces mildew formation.

3. Switch to Body Wash Instead of Bar Soap to Eliminate Soap Scum

Soap scum is the primary problem you'll face when you have a glass shower door. Residue from soap accumulates on the shower door, causing unsightly streaks and smudges. The best way to prevent this is to switch from bar soap to liquid body wash. Body wash isn't technically soap at all, but it still does a good job of cleaning you in the shower. It doesn't leave behind any residue that can mar the appearance of your glass shower door.

4. Use Household Glass Cleaner to Give Your Door a Deep Cleaning

Whenever you want to restore your shower door's shine, simply use the same ammonia-free glass cleaner you'd use for a window or a glass stove. Make sure you leave the shower door open when you're cleaning its interior, as harsh fumes can rapidly build up in the shower if you keep it closed. Wipe the glass cleaner into the shower door using a microfiber cloth and let it fully dry before using the shower.

5. Avoid Acid-Based Cleaner, Which Can Damage Shower Glass

Acid-based cleaners (which include many products sold as bathroom cleaner) should never be used on a glass shower door. The acidity of these products can etch the glass. Etched glass refracts light passing through the shower door, which causes your shower door to appear cloudy and more opaque. If you use acid-based cleaners to clean your shower, be very careful not to accidentally get any on your shower door—if you do, immediately wipe them off with a clean cloth.

Keeping a glass shower door looking great is easy. When you prevent mildew and soap scum from forming in the first place, you'll rarely have to clean your shower glass. As long as you avoid acid-based cleaners, your shower glass will always look great. If you want cleaning to be even easier, call a shower glass company and ask them to treat your shower door with a water-resistant coating.


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 use glass to make small  homes appear bigger

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